The 21-Item Peters et al. Delusions Inventory (PDI-21)ΒΆ

The PDI-21 is a self-report designed to measure schizotypal traits and symptoms in the general population, using the Present State Examination as a template. The PDI-21 incorporates the multidimensionality of delusions, including measures of distress, preoccupation, and conviction.

Domains Assessed: Psychotic and Atypical Behavior

Note: This assessment is given to participants aged 11-85 years old.

References: Peters, E. R., Joseph, S. A., & Garety, P. A. (1999). Measurement of delusional ideation in the normal population: Introducing the PDI (peters et al. Delusions inventory). Schizophrenia Bulletin, 25(3), 553-576.

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